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Mother Blessing Ceremony (Penrith & Blue Mountains)

A Mother Blessing is a ceremony that nourishes and celebrates a woman who is pregnant and soon to become a mother. It is different from a baby shower in that it is much less about presents for the baby, and much more about joining as women to honour the transition from pregnancy to motherhood that someone is about to enter into. 


A Mother Blessing involves a women’s circle of discussion and offerings of support to the pregnant mother, rituals to send well-wishes for the birth and surrounding her with adoration for all that she is doing by creating and birthing new life. 


Often, the women attending will create something for the pregnant mother that she can have with her as part of her birthing journey. This may be a collectively made beaded necklace, birth space affirmations, artworks or anything else that’s created as a group. 


I hold Mother Blessings at the MoonCourt temple at my home in Springwood (Blue Mountains), a circular outdoor temple used for ceremonies of worshipping the power of women. I also hold ceremonies at your home if this is preferred. 


Get in touch to inquire about booking! 

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