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Women's Circles

Women’s Circles are an opportunity for women to discover a tribe full of love and support, within the safety of acceptance and confidentiality. In circle, we are all equal and valued deeply for all we bring to each other as women, as each voice is a voice of our own self.

Women’s Circles involve ritual, sacred ceremonies, sharing (always optional), releasing, healing, growing and powering from within. I also include sound meditation sessions, offering women the time and space to unravel and harness the wisdom that resides in their wombs. 

The image on the left is the sacred altar at the centre of a recent Women's Circle where we collectively created a healing natural-object mandala. It represents our joint power as women.

I hold circles from home, in a temple built for this very reason. The MoonCourt is a beautiful, outdoor temple space that lives beneath a huge eucalyptus tree. It’s circular walls are like big, warm arms keeping you safe. I am located in the breathtaking Blue Mountains, in Springwood. 


Every 2nd month, on or near the New Moon. The days change to provide everyone chances to attend. 


All women welcome, always. 


$20 - $40 depending on the event

Keep up to date with the next event here


Testimonials for Women’s Circles can be found here

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