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What is a doula? Pregnant and based in Penrith or the Blue Mountains? Keep reading...

I provide you with emotional, informational and physical support throughout your experience of pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby. I trust deeply that you know what's best for you and your child. I will be by your side, before, during and after birth, helping you make informed choices about your care and the care of your baby. My aim is to be with you as you empower yourself to birth your baby wherever you feel safe, and however your baby needs to be born.

Why is a doula important?

Whether your vision of birth is at home, in a hospital delivery suite in the Blue Mountains or Penrith areas, I work alongside you, your loved ones and your medical caregivers to make your experience as calm and as supportive as possible.  To accomplish this, I:

  • Inform and educate

I walk you and your partner through your birthing options so that you are empowered to ask questions and make decisions.  

  • Build trust

I help you listen to your body and your baby so that you learn to trust your intuition.

  • Advocate

I interact with hospital staff and advocate for your wishes to ensure that communication is open, respectful and receptive to your needs.

  • Listen

I debrief with you after birth and help you process what your mind and body have experienced, without judgement and without agenda.

Why does Melanie
recommend Claire
as a doula?


During the birth, Claire’s presence was invaluable. She was there to guide us through our labour by supporting and empowering us every step of the way

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