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Testimonials from Penrith, Blue Mountains and greater Sydney

Melanie (prenatal, birth and postnatal care, Blue Mountains):

For our second pregnancy, we enlisted the help of Claire as we wanted to be more informed and involved in the labour and birth of our baby. We were planning a vaginal after c section birth and felt that the extra support from a Doula would help us achieve this. Pre birth sessions were informative and tailored to what both my husband and I needed for this pregnancy and birth. Besides our official meetings, Claire made so many resources available to us, in the form of books, videos, articles, podcasts and websites, and ensured they were tailored towards our interests and needs.

During the birth, Claire’s presence was invaluable. She was there to guide us through our labour by supporting and empowering us every step of the way. With her support we were able stick with our birth plan and achieved the birth we wanted. I laboured at home for as long as I felt comfortable and once at hospital, with the help of Claire, made the space my own. I was able to  birth our daughter in a calm setting and without pain medication, something I did not think I was able to do when I first fell pregnant. She advocated for us, which meant that my husband was able to concentrate on supporting me throughout the labour, while I was able to just go ahead and do what my body was designed to do. Claire also discreetly took photos throughout my labour and of the first moments of my daughters life. I cried when I first saw some of the photos and I am very grateful that I have some fantastic shots of that time.

Claire also made sure that we were well taken care of after birth not only with food and an extra hand when we needed it but also to go over my view of the day and have her fill in some of the blanks. I found this extremely valuable.If you are pregnant, no matter what number pregnancy it is, I would highly recommend investing in Claire as your Doula. She was amazing and I can not recommend her highly enough.

Rebecca, Blue Mountains (Attended July 2019 Women's Circle):

I attended Claire's women's circle in July. Claire creates a space where women can step away from the dominant paradigm and start to re-imagine what our relationship with ourselves and others can be in the future. Claire is skilled at encouraging an open, honest, and most importantly, a non-judgmental environment where women are free to delve into their inner world. Claire's women's circle provides ritual in with we can seek solace and walk away with renewed energy! I admire Claire's passion and dedication she has for this work. She is such an asset to the women of this community!

Katie, Inner West Sydney (Closing the Bones Ceremony):

Claire came to my house to do a “Closing the bones” ceremony. It was such a nurturing and beautiful ceremony, Claire set up the room beautifully. I didn’t really know what I was in for as I had only heard about this ceremony through a podcast. The ceremony went perfectly and I think every

mum should have the opportunity to honour them selves. Claire was kind, nurturing and the perfect 👌🏻 facilitator for this. 
Thankyou so much.

Sheridan (prenatal, birth and postpartum care, Western Sydney):

Claire was literally a godsend for my partner and I in one of the biggest changes of our lives, becoming parents. 
We met her very early on in the pregnancy (6 weeks) and immediately felt she was the right person for us. 
She has such a calm and loving nature and always seems to know what to say or do, even if it's just holding space.
She is very informed, well connected with other professionals, and worked well alongside medical staff during appointments and the birth. I have anxiety and Claire truly helped me become an advocate for my baby and myself, cheering me on every step of the way. 
Even though our birth plan changed drastically very quickly, she was able to help me through the change and adapt to it, which trust me was a huge accomplishment. I couldn't imagine anyone better to have as a Doula, she truly went above and beyond.
Can't wait for baby #2 to hire her again!

Brett (prenatal, birth and postnatal care, Blue Mountains):

Claire was an amazing Doula who went above and beyond in terms of support and advice of my wife and I. My biggest fear in hiring a Doula was that I may end up playing second fiddle in terms of support and decisions with my wife but Claire worked in a way that showed she was there to support both of us and make us both feel secure to make decisions we felt comfortable with that reflected what we wanted. During the birth Claire enabled me to focus on my wife and and child while she made sure that our wishes were constantly conveyed to the midwives and obstetrician. This was invaluable as it enabled me to more fully be a part of the experience and greatly reduced my own stress and anxiety levels around advocating for our birthplace. I would gladly use Claire again for any future children we have and cannot recommend her enough.

Brad (prenatal, birth and postnatal care, Penrith):

Claire has been a delight to work with and was extremely informative, up to date with the research and was warm, kind and caring from the get-go. My partner & I would have been lost without her. Claire is extremely generous with her time & coordinated exceptionally well with all the midwives. Thanks for being an invaluable part of our team.

Yumi, Western Sydney (Attended April 2019 Women's Circle):

I have been floating on this high since the circle. In the day to day I forgot how much we need this release and connection. How nourishing and nurturing. Thank you for making this happen. It's inspired me to follow some visions I've held off due to fear. 

Donna, Inner West Sydney (Closing the Bones Ceremony):

I had a Closing of the Bones session with Claire and it was amazing. It was so spiritual, soul nourishing and special to me. We spoke about certain aspects of my Motherhood journey and I felt really listened to. It was really emotional for me to relive the day my babies we're born and through Claire's soft voice and touch I was able to let go of not being enough every single time and actually dive into my experiences that have shaped me for who I am. I felt honoured and respected for all I had done in the world up to date and it was a lovely way to cherish myself for the last 3 years of all my hard work as a Mother and a Woman of the world.

Shemi, Blue Mountains (Attended April 2019 Women's Circle):

Thank you Claire for such a wonderful time in Circle. It was nourishing to my soul, a safe space held with love, devotion and non-judgement. I felt enriched and energetically topped up for days following the event, which was a lovely and unexpected benefit. The practices we did really set the pace for both introspection and communicating what came forth from within, all the while feeling held through the process... and the arvo tea was great too. Thank you

Ashlynn, Blue Mountains (Attended September 2019 Women's Circle):

Claire’s circles are so soul nourishing. She is genuine and authentic in her ability to hold space for women and create a safe space for sharing. Her songs are an extra detail that creates more character and a point of difference to other circles. The whole ambience of the event held in the MoonCourt is divine. The night flew by. This is something that all women need to try at least once. Thank you for doing this important work in helping the sisterhood re-unite again!

Anna, Western Sydney (Attended July 2019 Women's Circle):

I joined Claire for a women’s circle in Springwood. She instantly made me feel safe and cherished! She held a beautiful space where we set our intentions for the new moon. 
After the women’s circle I felt lighter, energised and reset. I haven’t used Claire as a doula BUT I would not hesitate to recommend her and I hope to use her for the birth of my next baby (hopefully in the new year) as I feel her presence would be calming and loving.

Kat (prenatal, birth and postpartum care, Blue Mountains):

I had so many questions and concerns throughout my pregnancy and Claire had fantastic resources and insight to share with me in preparation for the birth of my son. Working with Claire, I felt reassured and confident that I could make the decisions that felt right to me about my body and my baby. Postnatally, Claire’s visits were incredibly genuine and caring. Her resources on infant sleep and breastfeeding were so useful and helped my son and I navigate life together on the outside. I highly recommend inviting Claire to join any mumma on this journey, especially when continuity of care in hospitals is rare.

Bianca (prenatal, birth and postpartum care, Blue Mountains):

Dearest Claire,

Thank you for all your wonderful care, advocacy, knowledge & support throughout my pregnancy, birth and 4th trimester! You’ve been nothing but a star and cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience you have given me throughout the birth of our little Francis. 

Albeit the hurdles we faced towards the end, I cannot be more positive about my birth experience and am grateful for your knowledge and encouragement to be informed, ask questions and more importantly - make my own decisions.Thanks to you, not only have I truly felt supported, I also gained a tonne of experience and fire in my belly when it has come to navigating what is best for me and my baby. Thank you for fuelling that fire! When the time comes, I hope to have you by my side again for baby #2.

Please know that you’ll always be Aunty Claire to my little ones.

Lots of love,
Bianca, Jarad and Baby Francis

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