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Do you have a clear, precise vision for your birth?  Perhaps you’re more of a go-with-the-flow type of spirit...Or maybe you’re just plain freaked out.  Let me know where your head is at and how I can help. My services are tailored to suit your needs and your values, whatever they may be.

Beyond the birth is often referred to as the fourth trimester. This special time of getting to know your new baby is also the time of getting to know yourself as a newly born Mum. Postnatally, I can provide care to ensure you feel supported and taken care of.

Prenatal Visits, Blue Mountains - Western Sydney

  • Providing support in deciding where to birth, and who to have as your birthing team

  • Identifying your preferences and helping you to create your birth plan

  • Discussing your options for birthing your baby

  • A friendly and supportive voice for working through your/your partner's concerns

  • Exploring resources for birth including breathing strategies, antenatal classes, local specialised practitioners, mind-body connection, library of a huge variety of birth books

  • Accompanying you to prenatal appointments if desired, and support in how to discuss and advocate for your preferences with your care providers (midwives, doctors, obstericians etc

  • Ongoing phone, email and text support for seeking out guidance

  • Planning for your fourth trimester (your postnatal care and support systems)

  • 3 meetings of 1 to 2 hours each

Labour and Birth, Blue Mountains - Western Sydney

  • Being on-call from when you are 38 weeks pregnant onwards

  • Providing you with emotional support during your labour and birth. This can include:

    Advocating for what your wishes during labour and birth

    Being a calm, objective presence throughout

    Buying you time to make decisions if necessary

    Liasing with your birth team (such as midwives, obstetricians) in regards to your preferences with emphasis on informed consent


  • Providing you with objective informational support during your labour and birth. This can include:

    Communicating with your care providers (such as midwives)

    Informing you of your choices at important moments throughout the labour and birth

    Suggesting helpful labour positions, breathing techniques and visualisations (if desired)

    Supporting your birth partner with any questions or concerns they have


  • Providing you with physical support during delivery.  This can include:
    Setting up the room (Eg. music, candles, etc)


    Administering heat packs

    Supporting your partner (tag teaming to give them a break)

    Keeping you and your partner hydrated

Postnatal Care, Blue Mountains - Western Sydney

  • Phone and text support

  • 3 home visits

  • Debriefing about your birth and how you are feeling physically and emotionally

  • Directing you to medical professionals and counselling services if necessary

  • Listening without judgement or agenda and allowing you the time and space to express yourself

  • Looking after older children while you breastfeed, take a shower or do household chores

  • Putting on a load of laundry or cooking a meal

  • Breastfeeding support and referral to professional breastfeeding practitioners

  • Simply being there

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