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Closing The Bones Ceremony, Sydney

I tailor this ceremony to your individual circumstances and your current mood/feelings at the time. It includes:

- Short debrief/share reflecting on the wonder of your body and your womb's amount of work at sustaining and birthing your baby
- Smudging ceremony (this is safe for babies)
- Ritual of honouring yourself and providing love, space and deep care of yourself
- Closing of the Bones massage. This is a very gentle massage done with essential oils to warm the soul and soothe the mind. The massage is traditionally focused on the hips and belly (womb) but can be altered to whatever you are comfortable with. The other part of the massage is a gentle rocking using a large shawl wrapped around your hips, just as you have rocked your baby in your womb with movement and love.
- Closing of the Bones wrapping: this entails using a number of shawls to wrap your body warmly and snugly, accompanied by meditation, silence or sound meditation, whatever it is you need at the time. The sound meditation is my voice and guitar, or alternatively you can opt for ambient sound.

It can be best to perform the ceremony at your place, mostly so that your baby can be cared for while you sink into the ceremony, and you can of course stop at any moment to breastfeed. I do offer the ceremony at my Blue Mountains home in the temple, called a MoonCourt. This temple is built for and used for a variety of ceremonies and women's circles.

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